Bendix Brake Fluid is made from high molecular weight polyalkylene glycol ethers and polyalkylene glycol ether borates, to give a high boiling point fluid of DOT 4 quality. The product is blended with special additives that prevent fluid oxidation, rust and the swelling of the piston seals used in conventional brake systems. Bendix Brake Fluid has been manufactured to exceed vehicle manufacturer’s standards and has been designed for use at high temperatures under the most severe conditions. This fluid is compatible with all other non-mineral brake fluids manufactured to the same specifications.

BENDIX DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID is recommended for re-fill or top-up of brake and clutch systems in passenger cars, 4WD’s, motorcycles, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, mining, construction and agricultural equipment that require a non petroleum based DOT 3 brake & clutch hydraulic fluid.

BENDIX DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID is suitable for use where the vehicle manufacturer specifies DOT 3 brake fluid.

BENDIX DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID can be used for first fill or refilling a brake or clutch system. For best results, the system should always be flushed with Bendix Brake Fluid DOT 3 prior to first fill or before refilling the system.

BENDIX DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID should be changed according to the manufacturers service specifications or once every year.


BENDIX Brake Fluid DOT 4: Recommended for vehicles with latest-generation electronic control systems for braking and stability (ABS, ESP, ASR, TCS, EBD etc.), it features very low viscosity. Poise circumferences boiling point ≥240, damp boiling point≥15

BENDIX DOT 4 Brake Fluid manufactured by Bendix Petroleum is designed to meet or exceed the following specifications:

  • Society of Automotive Engineers Specification J1704
  • US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Specification No. 116 DOT 4
  • International Standard ISO 4925
  • Japanese Industrial Standard JIS K 2233
  • Orthene’s extensive range includes products designed to meet the braking needs of virtually any vehicle you care to name. Our brake fluids meet and exceed the highest national and international standards. Typical grades covered include;

BENDIX DOT 4 Brake Fluid
Applications for the extreme high performance hydraulic DOT 4 brake fluid include (but not limited to): anti-skid brake systems, disc or drum brake systems, and clutch mechanisms. BENDIX Petroleum DOT 4 has high wet and dry boiling points and protects from vapor lock. High temperature operation and severe braking would use DOT 4 brake fluid.


Applications DOT 3 AND DOT 4:  

1. Don’t mix with water or mineral oil.
2. Store brake fluid only its original container and tighten the container cap if there is remaining brake fluid. 

3. Replace the brake fluid once a year.
4. Don’t spill the brake fluid over paint coat of the car
5. Keep away from children.


Please Note –

  • Do not mix this product with SILICONE DOT 5 or MINERAL type brake fluids.
  • For vehicles that require mineral based products i.e. Citroen should be used.
  • Not mixable with Silicone type assembly compounds
  • Avoid contact with skin, varnish & paint. If skin contact occurs wash with water.
  • Brake Fluids are naturally hygroscopic and will absorb water from the air. This will lower the effectiveness of the product. After opening bottle, ensure cap is resealed tightly to avoid water contamination.

For product safety and handling information, refer to BENDIX PETROLEUM “Material Safety Data Sheet” (MSDS SHEET) below.

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